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Simple light luxury series cat scratching tree MK210195

Item No. MK210195 Item Size:59*38*148cm Materials: plywood,nice fabric with hair,paper tube paper rope, transparent space cup
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  • Scientific design in line with cat-body engineering,give the cats reasonable furniture to climb, jump and sleep.This cat furniture is made with eco-friendly paper rope which has no smell and doesn't contain impurities.This is one of our top selling items in domestic market.Can be used for more cat at the same time .

Cat Climbing Rack is specially designed for cats to play, rest and exercise. It usually consists of multi-layer platforms, climbing columns, caves or resting platforms.

1. Provide exercise and activity space: Cats are naturally fond of climbing and exploring. The cat climbing frame provides an ideal space for them to climb, jump and jump, exercise and release energy.

2. Provide rest and observation points: The different platforms and rest platforms of the cat climbing frame provide a comfortable resting place for cats. Cats can choose to rest, bask in the sun or observe their surroundings to satisfy their curiosity and desire to explore.

3. Create independent space: For multi-cat families or families with other pets in the family, cat crawls can create independent space for cats, allowing them to enjoy their own territory away from the interference of other pets.

4. Protect furniture: cat climbing frame can attract cats away from furniture and other home decoration. Providing an exclusive cat area can reduce the amount of scratching and vandalism that cats can do on furniture.

5. Psychological comfort and satisfaction: Cat climbing frame gives cats a safe and controllable space, they can better meet instinct and nature, and promote psychological balance and satisfaction.

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